Where Are You

Pz-avatarby Tony Anderson02 Aug 2016

Hi, are you listening
Hi, do you even care

I talk to you
It seems each word
Goes in one ear and
Out the other

A relationship is built upon
That takes two listeners
As well as
Two talkers
Talking and sharing ideas

However you ignore me
Throw me out
Shut me out
I'm starting to feel like
The only one living in this house

We used to talk
Sharing our
Giving comfort to each other

Now you seem distant
Off in your own little world
Can I not coexsist in that world with you
Can we not be together again

I'm alone
I'm scared
I wish I could hold you near
Everytime I try to get close
You back away
Like you're afraid of me

Why is that
What have I done
To make you this way
If I have
I'm sorry
Whatever it was
I'm sorry

Please come back
Please let me in
I want to feel your touch
I want to hear your voice
Not this silence
Not this coldness
Not this lonelyness

Hi, are you listening
Hi, do you even care