The Quiet One

Pz-avatarby Tony Anderson02 Aug 2016

She speaks
Though without words
Her expression says it all

She speaks
Though without words
Her hands do the talking for her

Why was she born this way
Without a word to say

The world shuns her
Turns her away
All because of what she can not say

Is there not someone with a loving heart
Is there not someone who cares
Or will they all just stop and stare
At this woman without a voice

She wants to speak
She wants to convey how she feels
She wants to love
As well as be loved
Instead of seen as a voiceless freak

She cries when no one is whatching
For to let the world see her cry
Would be letting the world win
That she can not let happen

She is strong
Dispite the pain
She carries on

She feels no shame
She was just born this way
She prays for those who mock her
Hoping they see the light some day