The Dead Man

Pz-avatarby Tony Anderson03 Aug 2016

The Dead man walks
A lonely road
Taking down his enemies
So he can collect
Their souls

He is not truly dead
Nor is he truly alive
Those who stand
In his way
Fall over and die

Eyes as bright as
The core of the sun
He sees into the hearts
Of those who dare
Stand in his way
He stands ready
He stands firm
He collects
His enemies soul
Then adds them
To the urn

One by one
He defeats his foes
One by one
He collects their souls

He walks in the shadows
He is nobody's friend
He is the reaper of souls
He will get you
In the end

With glowing eyes
He stares into your soul
There is no where to hide
Watch out
He's coming for you

Many have tried
To stand in his way
Many have fallen
Their souls have paid

He comes
From the depths of Hell
To destroy
Those he will
Those that oppose him

His eyes see
The hearts of all
His breath like fire
Worms crawl
From his sockets
There are spiders
Upon his face
He knows no mercy
He has no grace