summer solstice

Img_8473by trixmilk18 Jun 2020

when the leaves of the peach trees have grown
and their branches bend and furrow
i’ll ask you to step away from me
leave the garden be
peppered in mango and pickled poppy plants
while we part ways in a tango of estrogen and ivory
i wish you could carve me an idol
turn me pristine and stone
groove all my etches and blemishes
out with a simple cast of the hand
i’ve always yearned for simple ecstasies,
satisfactions of the tongue and the sacral chakra
wonders of the body and the mind
cross ways and tangle when sprinkled on the soul
i’ll bring my telescope so we can shoot to the north star together
beaming through space and time like meteors knocking planets out of the sky
because i throw dimensions on their side
when i throw it to the side
and i ignite your flame
house fire, forest crumble
slice of blueberry pie with vanilla scoop on the side
“would you like some lemonade, dear?”
while the sky tears in twelve
and we play tea party in my little cottage
hoisted against the edge of the world