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A fatigue poem


Pz-avatarby Tim Hamilton19 Mar 2019

After hope
After solitude
After release
After z in the alphabet
After the road begins
After the arrow whizzes past your ear close enough to feel the air ripped

After judgement
After regret
After Diagnosis
After fatigue
After Gnosis
You raise the stakes and raise the bidding and raise the bet and raise your tired eyes to the night sky. The sky does not fold.

After stars
After ambition
After goals you aren’t sure are yours
After quarry you can’t name
After reverb
After hope
After the sense of an ending
Something in you still pounds out a beat, an sos to say your sorry to the universe and can’t we dance another round?

Off the edge
Off the rails
Off the bad old habits and the new regime
Off the radar
Off the edge out of the sinking

And like the sky you want to be unbroken, unbowed, to lighten and darken on your own terms

You know what will remake you if you would just step into the machine.
The night sky whispers it too is full of holes
It’s OK