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Part of a series of Eulogies for Dead Technologies. The tech in question may still be used but has long since been made obsolete. Written after reading an article on the closure of the last extant cassette tape factory.

Eulogy For The Cassette Tape

Pz-avatarby Tim Hamilton06 Jul 2013

Farewell ferro-magnetic medium
Five decades have rolled past until this day.
But now the tape has run out.
Now the factories close on you.
Like vinyl so many years ago.

In my library, where the dust gathers,
my collection accepts the news as inevitable.
No longer will we hear the faint hiss and
See the slow analog roll.

All hi-fi will lower themselves
the regulation 8cm as players
are unplugged and removed in respect.
CDs look nervously over their shoulder
as the avalanche of time
rolls down behind them.

TDK & BASF have scattered
the first few iron filings on your plastic case
Your spool run all the way through
to be turned back over to side 1 no more.