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I think I like making list poems. Here's another one. Hopefully the title gives you an idea of what I was thinking at the time.

Extracts from the Kama Sutra of Sleep

Pz-avatarby Tim Hamilton22 Mar 2015

1. Fumbling Towards Nothing
2. The Norman Tapestry
3. Moonlit Trees
5. The Compass Points (requires two cats)
7. The Moon, Followed by the Horizon
9. The Watersmooth Stone
11. The Moment of Unveiling
13. Lacunae Between Storms
17. The Night Sentry Turns Their Back
19. Two Trees and Their Pot (requires one cat)
23. Windblown Tree Branch (requires a cat either side of one person)
29. The Dance of Sequence and Contentment
31. The Dreaming Pillow (requires one cat but no people)
37. The Opened Cage (requires an empty bed)