Men who are not men.

Pz-avatarby Sarit Tsvika04 Jan 2020

To the dear, strong, smart, powerful and special male,
you are not so special, trust me when I say,
and sometimes you are not a man at all, only a shade.

There are times when you say such
sentences that do not sound smart,
and there are times when you are so cowardly,
like one who does not know how to adapt.

Greatness and power is something we are born with,
God not only bequeathed it to males; it is so wrong,
and it is not even counted as a myth.

So before you feel some glorious and show off
over a woman like she is a simple shoe,
remember that women don't have days off,
in fact, they have to be smart all the time
because they need to deal with men like you.

Women need to be brave not just for equality,
and they need to be the strong body to play
the role they are given, it is the causality.

Because since the days of the creation of the
world women were so important,
it is a fact that God quickly realized that something
was missing after the male he created.