You Are Periods

Pz-avatarby Sarit Tsvika22 Mar 2020

And if I compare you to periods in my heart
You are periods of love and passion
Periods of decisions in every part
Periods of compromise and concession

Periods that are far like intercontinental distance
You are periods of the wrath of the gods
You are periods of hatred between nations existence
You are also a period of love dispute's odds

And if you are periods like I believe
You have to disappear from my mind's earth
You have to give up you need to leave
A period has a deadline like someone's last breath

Periods leave memories good or bad
Whereas you are still present in my reality
You are my period today this is so sad
Periods should end as a product validity

So if you are periods why are you still exist
And if you are periods how can I resist