Summer Job in the Zoo

Pz-avatarby Sarit Tsvika14 Jun 2020

My name is Tony and I'm working in the Zoo.
Every morning I wake up to take care of the animals' food. The lions eat meat, the bears eat fruit, the zebras eat grass, the elephants eat roots, the rhinos eat leaves, the monkeys eat bananas, the Sea turtles eat crabs, and the hippos eat plants. I give them food twice in my morning shift, and the other girl that works with me gives them food in the afternoon shift.
I love animals so much! They are so special and beautiful, and I like it when they already know I'm coming to give them their food because they look so happy to see me. My dream is to work in the zoo as a veterinarian in the future and to heal sick animals. I love my summer job!
a. Mark all the animals in the story and translate them.
b. Write five more animals that you know.
a. Draw your zoo on a Bristol paper.
b. Match each animal to the related area in the zoo, and write the names of all the animals from our story in the right place.

Good luck!