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Kaleidoscope Kind of Love is about being in love head over heals, and absorbing every moment. Don't take love for granted and make sure you are being treated right in your relationship.

Kaleidoscope Kind of Love

Pz-avatarby Travis White04 Jan 2014

when in doubt of all
encompassed around you
I'll wipe the stains
from your eyes
I'll push the fear
from your lungs
now hold my hand
ever so tightly
on the count of three
follow my lead
we'll become
invisible, invincible
there's not a single fear
left inside of this
complicated earth
that could ever
hold me back from you
extend your arms
take what is yours
the world is yours to view
however you want
sift through our love
take all that you deserve
I'm turning to ash
the moments you're not around
trust me I'm real
take me away
help me become
invisible, invincible
darling this world is yours
you give me the safety
I was forever searching for
now I can view this universe
as completely ours