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A poem about the shit I've been through who made me the strong person I am now

Addicted to escape

Pz-avatarby Ty17 Jun 2014

We're all crazy
I'm just the craziest
All full of deep emotional issues
Am I the only one that wants to get over them?

I'm 18 years old
I've done LSD
I've done psychedelic mushrooms
I've done ecstasy
I've done crystal meth
Xanax , adderall, salvia and Valium

I'm addicted to marijuana
Alcohol and occasionally crave nicotine
I'm not proud of myself
Or my curiosity or my weak mind

Excuse my addictions
Addiction to escape
For you share the same addiction
Why must we urge to escape

Maybe if I was ignorant
Maybe if I didn't think
Maybe I'd be happy
Happy I might be, but blind as a fucking bat