When We Are Gone

Pz-avatarby Dean Powell27 Aug 2013

Guns loaded, silencers fitted,
Triggers pulled. This Is
The eve of slaughter. The
Ruthless Human, no mercy, no
Care, no compassion, no feeling.

Badgers cry, my heart sad
Earthly thoughts awash
With sorrow, screaming. I
Kneel toward the altar of life.
Their pain, their despair, their
Tears, their blood.

Run, run, run my friends,
Our beautiful wild friends

Across the fields and
Through the woods
They go, the badgers flee.
Some fall, others stumble,
Bullets and danger follow.
Their voices, their torment,
Squeals heard on the
Wind. Death!

Trembling bloodied badgers
Gather, fear etched in
Expression, hurt but not safe.
No space, no time, no place, no
Tomorrow. What have we
humans Become?

Here there is no peace, no
Quiet, no stillness, no place to
Dream, to roam, no sett, no
Home. We will not return,
They will not let us live

I wander among wild lives
Among badger souls and
Wounded friends at
Journeys end. Then the
Silence, sunshine, a new
Dawn, a new eve, nature

Darkness descends on their
World now, a candle Flickers
In the wild of the Wood.
Tonight I ask will Badgers
Feed under a starry sky, hear
The Tawny owl call nearby, Say
Hello to the red fox passing.
Oh to be free, to be free.