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Badgers are our brothers and our sisters in natures beauty but great sadness dwells in my heart. Let them live in peace.

Gentle Angels

Pz-avatarby Dean Powell19 Sep 2013

The souls of badgers taken,
Thoughts removed, feelings
Disregarded. Blood flows
Under a harvest moon, life
Fading, a wild life no more.

In the shadows a mind-set lurks,
Violence, cleansing, an atrocity
Of thought committed by hand.
When will this end I cry, we cry,
You cry.

When will the Killing Stop and
The fields once more be free,
The woodlands free, the hills
Free, the badgers free from
Human war.

Nations of trees stand firm
With calls of disquiet, of fury,
Tears flow from the leaves of
Autumn, from the canopy of
Compassion, of care and of

Gentle angels of Gaia, of
Animate earth take care
Of me, of my family, of
Badgers fallen. Lead us to
Safety, to rest in peace, to
Dwell and to sleep in
Nature’s beauty.