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Love, Life, Wife, Appreciation, Gratitude, God

My Honor and My Life

Wp_20150426_22_03_25_pro__2___2_by Vikraman Kesavan08 Jun 2019

Mysterious is life and so are we,
You found me first,
I found you first,
As divine providence lead,
For two of us be the apple of our eye.

Am not anymore myself.
Neither are you.
But "One" among the very best,
Call it love, Call it married.
Engraved for life.
For the only permanence possible.
In this mortal life.

You love me!
I love you!
And it is well beyond,
What any language could define.
But what instrument we have else?
So be it!

Hey, keeper of my soul,
Everyday I go,
In my molten state, head high,
With gratitude to the guiding Spirit,
For the "Present" with you.
To you is my love,
Now and forever.

Under our God's hands,
You are my honor,
And you are my life.