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Poem talks about lovers, their understanding and uses mercury molecules inside the thermometer as the metaphor.

Love inside thermometer

Wp_20150426_22_03_25_pro__2___2_by Vikraman Kesavan15 Sep 2013

Understanding? that good man stands mum,
Bond of ours a mirror, he could never use,
Erupt is our temper flying paper planes upon bonfire,
Quick to hustle and shout, synced you and me.

Sticky? that skinny girl stands alone,
Bond of ours a liquid metal, she could never use,
Embraced fingers go merry go round upon moon admire,
yet water and lily leaf, synced you and me.

Cold? that night-wolf stands staring,
Bond of ours a flint-stone, it could never use,
Effervescent ego vapors fly close upon glass mare,
Bubbly eyes meet humility, synced you and me.

Change? that gentleman stands in awe,
Bond of ours a time machine, he could never use,
Elegant bulb of love keeps angels upon us glare,
Mercurial stories thus live, synced you and me.