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It's about what a present man can be and what not.

Ogling Ogres

Wp_20150426_22_03_25_pro__2___2_by Vikraman Kesavan25 Sep 2013

Not a miracle being a Man,
Like an Angel coming down,
To say what is Right and Not,
Lust Forest spread across,
Beyond stood the Ogling Ogres,
With eyes of Puss and Fungus,
Men they called themselves,
Male organ being the only sign,
Let Worms feed my Flesh,
Let my Manhood go for Dogs,
And I shall be no more, If I among.

Its a miracle being a Man,
Of blood speaking truth and honor,
Molten chest of Steel reside,
Holds takes all Beating and Brunt,
River of Patience consciously flows,
Dam where flow Silences to Peace,
Words of Humility fills tank hearts,
Forgiving heart rises resonates,
Boundless mother's faith lives close,
Let me least smell like that Flower,
And I shall be more, called a Man.