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Dedicate to my beloved friend Suganraj Bharathi. From his photo came this life thought the poem.

Essence of the poem:

In life we forget to see the life's blessings, running for something else, and we loose it. Let us not do it, let us see the blessings first, enrich our life, have that as our foundation of peace and love. Then brick by brick live the life with hope, like untold heroes.God knows we are a hero the truth of our life.

Untold Heroes

Wp_20150426_22_03_25_pro__2___2_by Vikraman Kesavan05 Oct 2013

Life swims in Air,
On a rope of Cloud it's clinging,
Not much of Despair,
Blessings are round around Always,
Orange yellow crowns,
Kanji onion tummy Sighs,
Everyone clings a Height,
Where creator's Purpose rights,
Not many see Rainbow,
Running weird Loosing crowns,
Peace go pieces Splinters,
Rainbow no more Near to grip,
So Run not Hasty,
First taste the Cup of life,
Before our eyes exist,
The blessing's Pendulum swing,
Open your Heart,
Give'em a free Hug flower bug,
Smiley may not exist,
But peace colors life's hope.
Life shines Miles,
Untold heroes so you Live,
Not much of want?!
A hero has, to be told than Truth,
Your life is Truth, and You are!!