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Dedicate to all the heart warming gentlemen, who strive for goodness in life and searching for their soul mate.

Let me find you

Wp_20150426_22_03_25_pro__2___2_by Vikraman Kesavan31 Jan 2014

My love where are you thou art?
Show me a beacon from the eiffel,
As she is way taller than me,
Lest my flowers and kisses go waste.
And my kneeled stance in vain.
Let me find you....

Why thou stay afar unfounded,
For the day is shining,
And the nights are full of stars,
And you are in my promising thoughts, my life.

Like the sun raises up, Raise!
When I wake up,
Be my morning happiness potion, My spark!

Like the moon walk along the star trail, Walk!
Come touch me with a lullaby,
Be the sweet tenderness with your motherly heart, My breeze!

My love where are you thou art?
Hold my hand, for it is yours,
As I kneel with the ring of love,
My kisses let them walk tall on your nerves,
And shake the bouquet of Edelweiss on your neurons,

My love, let me find you.
For you are destined to be the love of my life.
My love, let me find you!!