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About women. A wizard's words and spells describing his mom and sister. As he grows.

Since i liked harry potter much, created new spells:)

Cario – Respecto: Showers Care and Repect
Butterfly Totam: Object acquires butterfly colors

My wand says “Cario - Respecto”!!

Wp_20150426_22_03_25_pro__2___2_by Vikraman Kesavan05 Aug 2013

Neither a smile nor a rose could I shower you with!!
All I could was to cry aloud, nearly a Sonic Boom!! Wow!!
To, much of a wonder or a miracle, although pain was your guest then!!
There goes the smile of a life time in your lips!

World was big... big... bigger!! Neither did I understand it! Nor did it care about my puny existence! But Tooth Fairy had her visit once in a while!!
As though a moth out of a cocoon, so was I fluttering and playing with my big eyes!! Crawling on the merry land!! Having the finest thumb juice!!
Nonetheless, smacking a gritty taste of the mud!!
Thus started knowing life’s surprises for free!!

Touch of a daffodil, Kiss of the moonlight, Hug of an ice cube,
Thy presence around me!! My careless days moved…
Neither did I know how to wear formals nor casuals!! Bluh bluh!!
But so sweet, why was I with butterfly colors??
Learnt you swished "Butterfly-Totam" on me bingo!!
Oh yeah!! Am a wonderland creature tuf… tuf… tuf… every merry moment!!

Curious to me yet again!! There goes a miniature of you around me!!
Oh my!! Oh my!! It plays the harp with my laugh nerve!!
With a frock, with a dance, does it sing lullabies of you!!
Phony tail wiggling, shares its cotton candy with me!!
My goodness!! What all these kisses on my cheeks and my forehead??
Ahah!! Ahah!! Am her Barbie!!

A bubble out of my mouth, a giggle out of my heart!!
Breathtaking!! Thunderous!!A standing ovation from thy and thy miniature!!
To all my super heroic deeds of the wonderland!!
Blimey!! I loved it!! I loved it and continued to!!
A happiness potion, a placebo to feel heaven
Thus feels! Thus feels! Thy presence around me!! Always!!

Wooooh!!! How fast the world shrunk!!!! May be I did zoomed out!! Oopsie!!!
Crying!! Hardly I remember how to!!! Yep yep yippy!!
Formals or casuals you name it I wear it all!!
How miraculous of my little self!!Swear I know now...........
How to swish......."Butterfly-Totam" on thyself and thy miniature!!
Oh yeah!! Ay e…aye... It’s my turn!!
My Angel!! My Goldfish!!
To give the smile of a lifetime!! Every single moment!! Will I try!!
But remember.....For a difference....
My little self too will laugh my heart out along!! Ha-ha!!

After all these lovely, swishy wooshy, miraculous time!!
With thyself and thy miniature!!
It struck me that flashy moment, a little known truth of its own kind!!
Leaked out of heaven!! God made man!! But yet! But yet!
He made him among angels & gold fishes!!
My little self swears for today, tomorrow and day beyond!!
For a happily ever after life with'em!!
With a never ending spell of mine "Cario-Respecto"!!

Spell Dictionary:

Butterfly Totam: Object acquires butterfly colors
Cario – Respecto: Showers Care and Repect

Clue to better understand the poem:
Mother & Sister