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Journey from home to office (Jayanagar to Electronics city, Bangalore-India). On the way the private cab stopped at Silkboard(a Cross Road), a lady came over and boarded, she was half walking. Moments at that juncture, as words here.

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3/4 an angel

Wp_20150426_22_03_25_pro__2___2_by Vikraman Kesavan05 Aug 2013

Bright blessed morning,
Was on way to the sanctum,
To realize my everyday purpose!!

Roads are wide, but not open,
Machines roar to a filthy air,
One carries me!!

Men in white couldn't set the road aright!!
Being caught in cock fight of machines!! or men??

Machines hum and bark,
To put my mind in rest,
Plugged myself into a melody!!

Silk cocoons making a dance,
Junction of such sort in vicinity,
Wheel flow blinked a moment,
Someone got to know,
Machine enroute to the merry city of electronics,
Door opens wide,

She gets in!!

Eyes watch her walk,
Hearts see her limp,
Hands around take her bag,
Seat around got empty,
Deep silence pervades the space, with questions to god.

Spectacle of hearts at melting point!!
Virtue of divine kind!!
Made the machine fly over!!

A life of hope,
A life of perseverence,
A life of penance,
Of such sort her eyes glittered!!

Not an answer,
For my questionnaire to god, I got!
But a reason from ensemble of moments!!

A reason to walk tall!!
Live strong!!
And ye-bsolutely humble!!

Complaints to god,
Over my life,
Let them vanish!!

What a women!! Nah!!!
3/4 an angel!!!

Angel get's down,
Flies toward her sanctum,
Didn't wave goodbye,
No words on air too!!

But Angel got to know,
As I felt 'Will see you my friend'!!

Yeah myself was happy!!
Shouldn't I be!!
What's the matter??

I saw an angel!!

Thought: Journey from home to office(Jayanagar to Electronics city, Bangalore - India). On the way the private cab stopped at Silkboard(a cross road), a lady came over and boarded, she was half walking. Moments at that juncture, as words here.


Ye-bsolutely - Yeah!! Absolutely!!(Derived from Popper's Penguin-Jim Carry)
Sanctum - Sacred place or Shrine
Ensemble - A unit or group of complementary parts that contribute to a single effect
Pervades - Be present and apparent throughout

Men in white - Traffic police

Why the name??
1) Human being quite close to an angel.
2) 3 and 4 combinations are angel numbers.

3/4 an angel narrative,

I was on the way to office in a private cab.

Traffic police were struggling to control the traffic and the fighting men who are machines!!

Irritation because of the noise made me use the ear phones and cling onto a good melody.

When the cab reached Silk Board, a lady who was partially disabled, slowly limped toward.

Enquired the driver whether it goes to electronics city.

The Driver nodded positively.

She boarded the cab, even though she knew there was no seat vacant.

Some of us where moved by her strength. Touched to see how strong she was.

We had questions to god. Why god why????

Some were ready to give our seat for her, some were ready to hold her heavy bag.

With a deep felt smile she accepted to sit.

Although the journey for me was quite usual, what I saw, what I felt and perceived was far greater a moment of truth in pretty obvious simple way.

I took that moment to look at my life, my complaints to god.

And I began thanking him for everything I’ve got right then that very moment.

And I realized, god gave her that strength to touch people with her life.

How much fragile our life might be, as a human.

I guess we could derive how to walk tall, live strong and be absolutely humble from human angels like the one I just saw.

I still believe and tell myself that, I met an angel!!