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Thought : How much happiness a poem gives when a poet had written it and it looks so lovely to him.
Direct subject used for analogy: Rain(happenings when it rains)
Indirect subject used for analogy: Flower(blossom)

Not a flower, but a poet’s soul blossoms!!

Wp_20150426_22_03_25_pro__2___2_by Vikraman Kesavan05 Aug 2013

Very thought to let my writings flow fluently as you,
makes me to unconsiously toddle,
within the most beautiful thoughts of my life,
world around seems to be decorated with the rainbow and white daisies,
Inside of me!!

A icy droplet, sound of the tree beetles!!
A nasal treat by the petrichor!!
A melodious croaks of the frogs!!
Candle light’s glim photon shower!!
Curious uprising of winged termites!!
Fireflies and their waving party of light!!
All these beautifies world as the rain smiles!!

Likewise, My subtle poem,
When a smile slips on your lip,
You make a blossom!!
Not a flower that you blossom!!
But a vivid poet’s humble soul!!!