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This poem is a dedicated to everything around as. We are part of a bigger truth which is bigger than ourselves. The realization of this truth is true being.

True Being

8b8edc153c715394dcd4ef21028f130fby Viksonvik15 Feb 2017

Think of an original entity pure in its creation,
As pure as an Element
Think of this entity as a fresh living being
As fresh as a new born baby.
Think of this baby growing into an ideal man
As ideal as perfection
Free from biases and free from assumptions
This man becomes self actualized
Aware of its own existence.
This man comes to realization
that there is truth he experiences
which is limitless and has vast forms
far beyond his own understanding.
Throughout his quest for the truth called life
finds that every entity around him
speaks its own version of the truth.
While many of these entities even fight
for the supremacy of their (functional) truth.
The humble traveller stays away from nuisance,
For he knows the search for truth is not yet over
And keeps walking till a sudden stop.
When enlightened by his own thought
The truth was nowhere to be found
because the truth was there all around.
He was looking far beyond for the truth,
when actually walking through the truth.
But then he wondered about those others' truth
Did those entities have illusions of truth ?
Eureka! popped the answer in his head.
Those other entities are identities
for they have their own functional truth
which defines their existence.
On a never ending string of the absolute truth
These self sufficient truths are the pearls
which do not make this string of truth
but are bounded to the string
where each of them has unique place
and each has its own color
They are the manifestations of the same
-truth.cosmos, god, universe,mind ..........