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Pz-avatarby P.T.E17 Dec 2014

At the middlepoint of Finland cut-ups and texassaxet diagnostic

Diagnose 8.8 At the horizon of mind stabilizers and dark mania

in sweet strawberry field dreams, polar mind. at literature good beats bad finally,

Like Eino Leinos gods swing; deep depression sparkles to lithium ions. Battery loaded. Psychotic light era creates the best speed of energy. Soul in artist. Emotion of black without any rest in peaces energy theta. Social Media Age of New Hysteria vs Freud. Jung helped me in my dream circus. I was. I am present. Not past. Lucifer you are not innocent in chains. My biggest achievement: I managed the age of 27 without license to drive motorcycle.

At this moment I drink she cocaine with my slow hands with fingers made of glass´╗┐