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Here's something I sporadically wrote and recorded a few months back. WHAT'S YOUR INTERPRETATION???

My Peace

Meby Venessa Roy10 Aug 2013

High above the clouds I reflect
As the sun shines and reflects off my window
This moment is all that I need to know
I’m at peace
And nothing matters
Thousands of feet in the air
Closer to heaven than I was on the ground
Mellow and calm tones soothe my ears
Oblivious to other sounds
This moment is all that I need, finally I found
My peace
And nothing matters
I no longer feel the need to explode or release
The worries of the world are beneath me
Temporary disconnection from society
I’m at peace
And nothing matters
Admiring the beauty of the sun
As I look through my window
Cruising above the clouds
I’m enveloped with a sense of serenity
Nothing can take this peace away from me
Because, nothing else matters…