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Many women/girls find themselves being labeled and placed in a "box". My opinion is, be who you are!!! We are not meant to be the same, embrace who you were, who you are, and who you want to become!!!

This particular poem comes from my first self-published book of poetry entitled "Shattered Mirrors". Available online through,, and

Woman Enough

Meby Venessa Roy10 Aug 2013

Basketball shorts
And sweatpants
Comfortably simple
Yet unworthy of a glance
No fashion tips or mommy daughter mall trips
No makeup, no cover girl, no Mac or Maybelline
No nails or purses
No weave or artificials to be seen
But does this make her less of a woman?
She works with her hands
Isn’t afraid of manual labor
Enjoys getting dirty
So how should you label her
Society unsure
Variable answers are common
So she wonders
What constitutes a woman?
Is it the clothes she wears?
Or the style of her hair
Maybe the twist in her hips when she walks from here to there
Is her identity based solely on appearance?
How about individuality, character, and independence?
As far as she can remember she’s been her own person
From the day she was born, and every day since
Born a girl, then grown into woman
Constantly torn down because she doesn’t “fit in”
She doesn’t feel the need to impress
Due to the fact she wasn’t raised to be a princess
No silver spoon
Just hard work, good will, and faith in God to do the rest
She missed out on the girl’s nights and slumber parties
Instead, out with the boys on the basketball courts
As jokes and insults built up her self-conscious insecurities
With her innocence during adolescence mimicked
Mentally and emotionally sick, her mind grew wicked
However she found the cure
Realizing that the only opinion that mattered was hers
She learned and now knows who she is
She’s confident and comfortable in her skin for sure
She chooses to exemplify the true characteristics of a woman
Rather than appearance
Showing and demanding reverence
Sharing with the worthy while keeping the rest of the world in suspense
Strength, loyalty, compassion, with a sexiness all her own
Nurturing nature, intelligence, with anticipation of reaping all that she has sown
She keeps to herself though
Leaving room for assumptions and interpretations
Because people only view the structure while ignoring the foundation
Jokes for her, she laughs
For her reality most will never grasp
So she feels the need, but she never actually asks
Are you that blinded by vision that you can’t see…me
Do you truly believe you’re perfect enough to judge me
I mean I apologize for not fitting your mold
However I don’t criticize you so who are you to scold
Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but caution yourself on being too bold
Vision is merely a birth defect
Affecting the fact that perception deflects reality
And you neglect to decipher the truth as it is reflected
Your perception couldn’t be any further from correct
I see you looking, but do you see?
You’re looking because you can’t exactly figure it out
And by “it”, I mean me…