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How honest are you??? How about this, how honest are you with yourself??? Take a second to absorb the words and really think about it!

Another poem coming from my first self-published book of poetry entitled "Shattered Mirrors". Available on,, and


Meby Venessa Roy10 Aug 2013

Seems I’ve lost my mind
Lost myself
Lost my wants
And lost my needs
Lost sight of the important things
Lost sight of all that mattered to me
Somehow lost my way
As well as my hope
I was getting so close
But my body froze
I saw the prize
Yet somehow YOU managed to pull the wool back over my eyes
Had my heart set
So my mind was set
Yet somehow YOU work hard to make me regret
What have I done to make YOU turn your back?
What have I done to make this thin ice crack?
What have I done to make YOU hate me so?
What have I done to make YOU never let go
I give YOU the best
YOU give me the worst
YOU use the heart in my chest
And YOU crush that first
YOU knocked me off my journey of assuring myself
Somehow making me live life for everyone else
YOU make me turn my back on those I love
No more running to them for the love and comfort I need
No more support, no more feelings set free
Got me scared to ask for the help
Scared to find out the good or the bad
Scared to figure out the right from the wrong
Without my loved one’s guidance
I’ve never felt so alone
Then again, because of YOU
That’s a permanent parking zone
YOU’ve instilled fear in my heart
Fear in my mind and fear in my soul
Fear has become a major factor in my life
But why do YOU feel the need to treat me so
Tell me something, because I need to know
Why do I bother asking YOU all these questions?
Because YOU seem to have none of the answers
Hello!!!! Are YOU listening?
Can YOU say something??? …anything???
Help me out just a little
The frustrations building up
My emotions have imploded, but now need to explode their way out
I’m starting to blackout
It seems I’ve reached back and let one rip
Can’t hold on any longer, I’ve lost my grip
With all my might, and every ounce of me
All my energy, anger, frustration, confusion, sadness…..
Everything I’ve ever had, empowered into one fist
As I begin to come to, it’s clear I’ve gone on sick
Excruciating pain is all I feel
As I notice the broken glass poking at my heels
After wasting all this time
All this energy
I realize it was all a confession
Cause the throughout this argument
I was looking at my own reflection