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You ever fall for someone, but after the fireworks were over, they just faded away?

A Memory

Meby Venessa Roy12 Aug 2013

My senses have surrendered
To my imagination and memory
Flashbacks from the days when you were here with me
Just your presence
Carried an essence, made me feel at ease
And my soul effervescent

I stare at the spot you used to lay
And replay the soft words you used to say
I feel the warmth from you holding me tight
Literally feeling it, suddenly everything is alright

You touched ever so gently
With the slightest movements
You knew how to get to me
Closing my eyes
I can see your face
You smile, I melt
Your kisses I taste

Since you’ve been gone, I can’t seem to erase
Forget, suppress, or find someone to replace
So that I may officially bow out, ending this rat race
Allowing myself to move on to a better place

You would tell me “what I wanted to hear”
Like a sucker I would fall for it
Sleeping alone, wishing you were near
The cycle I finally decided to break
You became a habit, a craving I just couldn’t take…anymore
Because with you, I never knew what was in store
So know that you and your words have been thrown out the door

I held on too long
And I reached out too far
I hoped you would reach back
But you aren’t who you say you are
Even with a soft spot for you
You’re not for me
You faded away, and turned into a memory