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I wrote this poem for a poetry class in Fall 2012.


Iphone_pics_205by B. Torii16 Jan 2014

curled crustacean between
hard pillows, no talk, just you and me

it’s all or nothing, sugar, pure crystals, naked eyes, all black
caught between push
the pinnacle of dew cuts across the leaf
tilt it upside, curl into a ball
mother figure
face of a son

underneath the plastic dirt is white
hear the talk of morning: bus drivers bush cutters seat wipers

don’t like the mornings, early to rise
you standing
sway to the left
pad the light, can you create a memory, can you see into
the hallways,
insect thing, dirt guardian, grain domain

thousands of toes, blank paper,
squash the fears of friends on the ground, squash friends who fear the ground, friends fear the squash of the ground

quick cut the curl,
lice in the pillow