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The vision of a woman comes in many shapes and forms but the vision is always woman. May the vision live on forever before the eyes of man.

AVision Michael P Clarke09 Dec 2013

Soft thy touch, as Angel's whispering fingers.
A soul of light, a temple to life's greatest glory.
Soft the eyes of love's own sweet perfection.
Dark the locks that frame Aphrodite's face.

Love's light shining from thy sweet perfection,
Skin that shimmers like the morning sun.
The glory of God's greatest creation.
Thou art the glory of divinity.

Come with me, In sleep, to lands unheard of,
Where no mortal has walked there go your Angel feet.
Walk with me throughout these lands of darkness,
Leaving here the light of woman's love.

And in the morning wake unto thy glory,
Peaceful and full be your light filled day.
While I wait within my solemn darkness,
For dreams shall come and you will be with me.

Yes, silently the day awakens, beauty from her bed arises.
Glory shining as the sun, as an Angel's eyes do open.
Thy temple rises, peace awakens,
Aphrodite, the Goddess come again.