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I had a dream where i met my Love in a secret grove, being the Dark Man it was during the night. The stars seemed to be shining down so brightly upon this grove where i met my lady. Come into my arms and Love me within a starlight grove.

The Starlight Grove Michael P Clarke11 Dec 2013

The night cometh
Perfection meeteth perfection
Thy sister the moon
Toucheth thee with Love’ s silver beams
I cometh through the night sky
The Dark Man to his lady
Take my hand sweet child
To our secret place we go
Our own starlight grove.

Your majesty shineth
Aphrodite be here
Tremble not as we walk
I am here my Love
No harm can befall God’s glory
Comest thou closer laying Love’s head on my shoulder
Gaze upon me with thy pools of Love
Thy dark waterfall spilling down thy back
Touch my Soul with one look

Then into the starlight
It dances in thy locks
Twinkles in eyes divine
The starlight grove
Lie with me upon a golden carpet
The stars in glory shining
Looking down upon thy Loving countenance
Smile thy beauteous smile
Thy heart of Love beats with mine

Let stars enthrone Thy head
Each shining in thy hair
Aphrodite, the dream
Lying by my side
Comest thou into my arms
One heart toucheth another
The symphony of joy begins
Be the Angel that thou art
Within a secret starlight grove

Thy Dark man eternal