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Love has its own peculiar ways, it has its own special song, and when you look at a certain picture the words of Love just start to come. The Legend of Love lives on within the heart of the Dark Man.

For My Love Michael P Clarke13 Dec 2013

Smile on me
With such heartfelt fascination
Let me see
The road to exultation
It's whatever road you walk along
I'll walk it with you singing Love's song

With your Love
You touched my heart with wonder
You are the dove
Yet you blew my defenses asunder
I knew from the start
Your Love would never leave my heart

You are peace
You put my mind to ease
My troubles cease
You never find it hard to please
The wonder of the age
You write Love upon my every life-filled page

Love me do
Touch my heart with glory
Love is true
And it shall be our story
As I walk Love's golden way
Hand in hand with my Love Mary.

The Legend lives within my heart. Thy eternal Dark Man.