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This poem came around due to two thoughts I had simultaneously. I did look out my window and i saw the most beautiful rainbow. I was also thinking of my lady at that time. Both thoughts came together and this piece was born. Love comes in many different ways.

You Walked Out Of A Rainbow Michael P Clarke13 Dec 2013

The rain had stopped.
I looked out of my window
And there was a rainbow.
At the end of the rainbow
There was not a pot of gold,
But a woman,
In my mind the woman
She was my pot of gold,
The lady of my heart,
The light of my soul.

A woman stood in the glimmering sunlight,
Standing alone, looking bright as the sun.
She looked as if she had come from the rainbow,
To have herself some earthly fun.
She looked just like a beautiful Angel,
She was God's fire a-standing there.
Her temple shining, love-light abundant,
Her Angel face, her long dark hair.
And when she walked the breeze seemed to whisper,
Her most wondrous name to the summer skies.
And as she walked, followed her summer glory,
And she could hear all sad heart's cries.
And with one wave of her elegant hand,
The glory of Love to each heart came.
She had to be Love's own sweet Angel,
Walking through life's love lorn game.
A symphony of love was started,
Her heart with love did blindingly glow.
You are the earthly divinity,
You walked out of the rainbow.

Now, with you, my heart truly belongs,
With the soul that keeps me to this earth.