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It is funny how a picture can touch and set in motion old movies from our silver cords of memory, such gentle and Loving images can come forth and we are always adding more pictures into our silver cords through the passage of time.

Passage Of Time Michael P Clarke16 Dec 2013

Forever standeth as beauty
As these eyes turneth old
Thou shalt ever be as thou art
Now the picture be taken
Love holdeth it within my heart
It shalt never grow old
Through the passage of time
We shalt remember moments
Walking under a silver moon
When hearts did beat so softly
Memories are silver thread
Silken roads of Love's divinity
Built up through the passage of time
Our Love shalt be as a shining light
Brightly it illuminates our golden way
Take my hand and walketh with me
Thou art my eternal divinity
Thou art my ethereal ecstasy
Love between us shalt always be
Throughout the passage of time