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It is time for us to go back to the time before time, t the great dream kingdom of Alahsar. The Dark Ones have sent an army to destroy Alahsar and set in motion the end of all things, Armageddon. This fight means more than anyone knows so buckle on your swords and let us join the battle, "Before the gates of Alahsar."

Before The Gates Of Alahsar - Part 1. Michael P Clarke16 Dec 2013

Sweet Alahsar thy golden crowns
Adorned the sky of verdant blue
Sweet land of dream
Throne of Amethyst
Land of sunlight ever shining
Children of the mortal kind
On silver walkways find there way
To the very heart of dream
To the golden gates of Alahsar

Before the gates in long ago
The Dark Ones came to conquer light
Upon the timeless silver battlements
An Angel stood, sweet womanhood
Her soft brown eyes beheld the foe
Would darkness come upon the scene
She watched as mortal men did march
Through golden gate, as if in dream

Brave the Knights that rode away
Armor bright in Summer light
Followed by the infantry
Bedecked in Summer's brightest colors
Brave the soldiers of that day
Hearts of steel, they marched away
Upon the fields of Alahsar
The battle for to fight this day

And womanhood did watch this day
As Fathers and Lover's marched away
Into the light, The glory bright
Which e'er did shine on Alahsar
Her divinity stood with the rest
Upon bright battlements of Silver
Tears, in eyes so young and bold
Above the gates of Alahsar

And upon sweet dreams own plain
Where man and beast both had come
Weapons of destruction meeting
Tortured hearts in anguish crying
Pain and death their victims seeking
Hearts on sun lit plain a-dying
Clashing of Faith against Faith
Divinity weeping at such a sight

And as woman's eyes were watching
Tears fell as they watched the red
Not but fifteen minutes passing
Sweet Alahsar's manhood lying dead
And sweetest eyes this pain had been watching
Now looked up to God's haunting blue
Crying out to friend of darkness
Who must surely come to you

Those who survive the plain are running blindly
To golden gate where safety lies
Beasts of darkness do not follow
Staying beneath the now darkening skies
To the left, darkness on the plain is fallen
Will light shine there e'er again?
As the darkness ever deepens
Hearts are dismal all is pain

Soldiers running, madly rushing
Safety held within golden gates
Wide eyed mortals, fear exploding
Hearts all burning with fear's light
Shall all dreams be filled with darkness?
Never light to guide the way
Darkened dreams all filled with sadness
Will the light come out of day?