Walkest With Me.

The_dip_stick.by Michael P Clarke30 Jan 2014

By the banks of the Clannach
We walketh side by side
Me and mine bonnie Mary
Our Love we never hide
I see Love-light shineth
From thy soft brown eyes
I holdeth thee ever closely
And all sorrow in me dies
The cathedral line of trees
Branches entwined above our head
The golden leaves that falleth
They shalt become our Autumn bed
The cool and clear running water
Softly rolling upon its way
It floweth so gently besideth us
As we walketh along our way today
The emerald face of long grass
Before our eyes sparkleth with dew
The sky alive with morning gold
Which my heart doth offer true
Be still mine trembling heart
Its feelings of Love for thee alone
Comest walketh along the banks of the Clannach
With me thou shalt hath thy home