Country Heart. Michael P Clarke30 Jan 2014

Openeth mine eyes
Let Love openeth thy heart
Visions of clear blue skies
Dreams of nature from which thou shalt never part
Liveth thy dream
Within thy poets heart
Writeth thy scenes
That always cometh from a country heart
Let thy words sing
Bringeth soft joy to everyone
Pictures thou doth paint
Filled with Love and country fun
Thy beauty smileth
It jumpeth forth from the page
Thy words doth sing
As thou doth write on country stage
Thy passion dost stir
Thy words speak of Love divine
Writing of thy Love
Kisses tasteth of sweetest wine
Bodies are merging
Love's symphony dost start
Magic cometh from thy words
That floweth forth from a country heart
Oh mine Love
Comest forth with thy kisses
Openeth up a Loving heart
And thou shalt gain Love's wishes
In the heart of country wishes
The symphony of Love shalt start
Mine Love I sendeth with warmest kisses
Ti toucheth thy divine country heart