Where The Eagle Flyeth.

The_dip_stick.by Michael P Clarke30 Jan 2014

Give me thy hand sweet child of life
Cometh with me to where the eagle flyeth
We wilt walketh Heaven's hidden paths
We wilt listen to the eagles cryeth
Comest now mine Love into mine arms
I shalt taketh thee where thou aught to be
Up high within the verdant blue
In the heart of earth's timeless sea

My Love cometh along with me on golden wings
I shalt takest thee where the eagle's fly
I shalt holdeth thee ever close to me
In the heart of clear blue sky
Mine Love put thy sweet lips on mine
Let thy heart beateth with golden Love
And we shalt both taste Love's sweetest wine
As we soar through the sky above

Let me feeleth thy heart beateth close to mine
Mine darling breathe thy Love into mine Soul
Let me drown within thy soft brown eyes
To keep thy Love within me is mine goal
Thy body ever lose to mine in a summer blue
I feeleth the passion of thy desire
Up here where the eagles fly
We shalt light up Love's own divine fire

Oh my lovely darling forever smile
The glory of thy smile always shining
On heart of mine heartwhenever thou art away
Mine heart dost spendeth all its day a-pining
Now every day before these ancient eyes
I see thy face in God's own skies
As we soar through Love's paradise
Where we both know the eagle flies
Where the eagle flyeth