Be Still The Heart. Michael P Clarke31 Jan 2014

Be still the heart
That heart that ever poundeth loud
Right from the start
That heart hath beateth proud
Thy heart mine Love is a heart of Light
The light eternal that shineth so bright
Walkest with me through mine eyes of night
With thee by my side what a wondrous sight

Be still the heart
The heart that singeth its own Love song
We shalt never part
As long as our song keepeth going strong
The heart doth play its many games
Canst fillest thee with many joys or many pains
It bringeth the sun It bringeth the rains
But not even Love canst wipest away the few dark stains

Be still the heart
Forever let it beateth for me
Let Cupid fire his dart
Let our Love forever be
Our song of Love we ever croon
By the light of a silver moon
Love cometh our way but not too soon
As our heart's playeth Love's own tune