Pain. Michael P Clarke31 Jan 2014

I standeth in mine darkness tears art in mine eyes
Mine arms reaching upwards to velvet black skies
I hath had a dream right from mine life's start
To feel a woman's Love within mine heart

A Fallen Angel in the dark I standeth alone
Shalt I ever findeth mine way to Love's own throne
If not canst I bring a woman Joy and Love
Through selfless acts findeth mine way to Heaven above

A ghost of Love am I but a dream
Living forever in mine ownlonely night filled scene
The sorrow in mine eyes may forever show
Through a million lonely lifetimes I may hath to go

Through darkness soft brown eyes my orbs doth see
And in there sadness I canst see they looketh at me
And in their sad and thoughtful gaze I understand
That by mine side these soft brown eyes might never stand

These soft brown eyes they turneth snd walketh away
Mine head dost drop I knowest that I must stay
The dream is gone the one I thought was mine
Yet the memory will stay for all time

Mine eyelids fly open I see Heaven's skies
Then I look to my side a pair of soft brown eyes
Mine heart sings the serenade it shalt always sing
As our one heart taketh flight on golden wing