Aphrodite Liveth.

The_dip_stick.by Michael P Clarke31 Jan 2014

Look now Aphrodite
Down upon the sea
Watcheth the waves caress Love's shore
Your beauty shineth as the sun
Smileth the smile of Heaven's own
From Heaven thou comest forth
A Goddess knoweth the ways of Love
Aphrodite thy beauty ever shineth

Looketh upon this wretched man
With the pity of the mighty
Toucheth his Soul with Love sublime
Aphrodite thou hast cometh again
Canst I a mortal man but toucheth thy Soul
The light of Heaven blinding
Coming forth with Love's glory
Telling the story of Aphrodite

Knoweth mine Goddess that thou art the sun
Thou art Love incarnate
The light of Love ever shineth
Thou art the beauty of woman divine
Let thy Auburn hair ever enshrine thy beauteous face
Let thy temple shineth with Love divine
Always showeth the smile of a Goddess to me

Now thou hast another name
Thou art the Goddess of mine heart
In mine heart thy divinity shineth
Thou art now known as Mary
I lookst upon thee and Love-light shineth
I drown within thy pools of Love
Thou art the Soul of divinity
I seeest thou and knoweth Aphrodite Liveth.