An Angel's Face. Michael P Clarke01 Feb 2014

I saw beforest mine eyes
That face which belonged in Heaven's skies
An Angel in all her divine grace
Before me was an Angel's face

And that smile it was the sun
Heaven on earth had surely come
This woman that looketh right at me
The glory of life I couldst plainly see

Pools of Love in which to swim
When Love's Journey dost begin
Oh Angel fair thou toucheth mine Soul
To toucheth mine heart mine only goal

Smile ever on and light this world
I shalt be here with arms unfurled
When the pain of life it comes
And tears falleth and sorrow burns

Take this rose within thy hands
The Angel glory she understands
That ever through life's changing journey
Mine spirit walketh with her along the way

Many thoughts doth cometh along
I knowest where mine joy dost belong
Within that form so filled with grace
Always looking at an Angel's face