A Dance In The Moonlight.

The_dip_stick.by Michael P Clarke01 Feb 2014

Taketh me in thine arms forever holdeth me,
Let us both dance upon the silver sand.
Mine heart it beateth with Love's own glory,
Now my Love, speaketh and I understand.

Let us holdeth close and dance mine Love,
Please holdeth me forever in thine arms.
Thou camest from the Heaven's high above,
Whilst thou givest me all thy Angel charms.

I feeleth thy heart beateth so strong,
As thou my Love move closer to me.
Within mine arms is where thou doth belong,
Mine Love for thee shalt ever be.

Our feet moveth in time across soft sand,
Mine Love floweth like the blue-green waves.
With thee mine heart doth understand,
The blacks, the whites, and all the greys.

And underneath God's own eye of Love,
We danceth beneath his countless stars.
Mine heart headeth way up high above,
Amidst Heaven's tiny countless fies.

And upon this moonliy romance,
Our hearts beateth Love's own time.
And as we floweth within our dance,
Our hearts now beateth out Love's rhyme.

I wisheth this dance to hath no end,
I wouldst forever stay in thy Love-light.
The wounds within mine heart I know thou shalt tend,
As we dance throughout this Lover's night.

Now in mine arms we head for God's own sky,
And within ourselves we feeleth no fear.
Higher, higher, up we go so high,
Mine heart it feeleth so much Love it shedeth the tear.

This is but the sweetest Lover's dance,
It shalt stay within Love's own heart.
We had our dream, we tooketh our chamce,
And from this trye Love we hath no wish to part.