Can We Be Friends. Michael P Clarke03 Feb 2014

Within thy smile, Heaven's glory,
Love smileth out of thy face,
Thou art the joy of mine Love story,
Thy temple holdeth an Angel's grace.
Within thy heartLove dost beateth,
A message of Love it sends,
I knoweth the Love when our eyes meeteth,
When I hear thee ask, "Can we be friends?"

Mine heart singeth to the night skies,
It singeth its moonlight serenade,
I loseth all inhibition when I looketh in thy eyesMine Soul, Singeth a song allready made.
Mine Soul it doth yearn to belong,
Mine Soul it dost not pretend,
Mine feelings starteth to run so strong,
When I heareth thee ask, "Can we be friends?"

Our hearts are so good together,
They hath becometh as one,
We never want to breaketh the tether,
Our one heart reacheth for the sun.
All through thy life I shalt be there,
Thy divinity I do comprehend,
Mine heart is thine with a Love so rare,
When I heareth thee ask, "Can we be friends?"