Thou art mine Rose. Michael P Clarke03 Feb 2014

Thou art mine Rose
Mine little Mary
Thy Love always grows
Comest with me to the stars
Listen to thy heart sing
Soar with me through Love's timeless sea
Oh mine Love walketh with me
Taketh mine hand in thine own
Let me knoweth thou art mine
I heareth thy heart singeth its serenade
So clear thy brown eyes shineth
As they gaze Lovingly into mine
Then cometh into mine arms
Lay thy Auburn head upon mine chest
Let mine calm beating heart bring thee peace
Thou art mine sun mine moon mine stars
Thou art the very air I breathe
Before mine eyes thy vision always stands
Ever smiling thy arms reacheth out
Our hearts hath felt glories touch
Together let us walketh through the many fields of Love
Mine little brown eyes thou art Love's wonder
Thou art mine heartbeat Thou art mine Rose.