Beautiful. Michael P Clarke04 Feb 2014

Looketh at me with thy soft brown eyes
By the stars glow I shalt hold thee
Thy body presseth against mine
As we floateth through God's timeless sea
Thou art the desire of mine heart
The beauty before mine eyes
Thou art beautiful
Thy Auburn waterfall doth enshrine glory
Thy face doth shine as the sun
Let me drown within soft brown fire
Keepeth mine gaze with eyes that shine
Thy heartbeat I so plainly hear
As thy body is hold close to mine
To the harmonized symphony of heart
Our feet shalt moveth in dance
And all this shalt be
Because thou art beautiful
And when I holdeth thee close to me
Thy divinity dost permeate mine shell
Two hearts now one the sublime
Come danceth with me in the timeless sea
The Angels shalt weep at thy glory
For thou art the true beauty
Thou art beautiful