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i was really inspired to write this poem this just enlightenment that's shown alot and i want you think and envision women ladies girls go through and some men don't care so i wrote this :)

Her Pain

Tumblr_nd70momelp1u12919o1_1280by Wisdom Juice12 May 2014

the pain in her eyes all alone
she crys in the nighttime,
doesn't tell anyone acts
like a slut goes parties and
raves for fun, really drinking
away sorrows but in for a surprise
tomorrow, mind infected mono
turning cold hearted chicago
trying to stimulate her mind smoking
green like rondo, lost site walking
around with a blindfold young lady but with a body like that she feels
all grown, had lots of daddy issues
balling running out tissues raped
at a early age scarred for life now
gets older and doesn't know how
to love a man right