because i can

1236313_10201214228570522_1610042066_nby poetreewritr06 Nov 2013

walking into the day
like prey to a trap
hidden under the dust on the side walk
i trip and bust my dreams all over the ground

"pick them up" i yell at the passerby
"don't stomp though my fantasy" now spilt for the publicthat that laughs as they walk away
i turn with a scowl because i can

no one can say "have a good day"
and expect me to do it
"no you have a good day" i say
"let me see you do it" as i watch them squirm

i want to have a bad day today
that makes me happy
the tearing hurt and pain let's me know that i am living
not hiding to remain unscathed

a bad day spent creating
is a much better day than a happy one spent with a silly grin
you don't have to look at me frown
i ignore your smiles because I can