Before the Storm

Pz-avatarby Graeme Cooper25 Jul 2013

Today I am unsettled,

Edgy, almost nervous.

A thought not quite formed,

Lurks behind my forehead,

The muscles of my brow contract,

In vain to coax it into words.

Taking a walk,

To clear my head,

I find dark clouds,

Not yet marshalled,

Whipped by a quickening wind,

I could believe,

That my thoughts are projecting,

Rather than registering,

The imminent storm,

Like the horses that awaken,

And toss their heads,

As if trying to make sense.

And so, waiting to exhale,

I make my way to the shore,

To greet the incoming tide,

And wait for the waves,

The storm and my thoughts,

To break.

Later, soaked through,

Breathing deeply,

Head clear as sharp crystal rain,

I will return,

To rest and to eat,

Then to write.