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Unless you have experienced it you probably can't quite imagine how silent and still it is in the depths of winter in the country. Having lived in a real desert, I can tell you that the desert of winter is much more bleak.

Dead of Winter

Greenmanbestby Ashaquila04 Jun 2014

Jan 30 2010

February approaches
I survey seeds, small brown
labeled with latin names
containing small brown, green and grey
laden with life
- potential.
Sorting them, placing them in groups,
preparing some for the fridge,
some to be lightly sanded,
some pierced with a tiny hole
to awaken the sleeping life within.

And as January moves on we start to sense the end of winter
yet so far away
and dream of small seeds sprouting, shells cracking,
heads and buds lifting themselves from the snow, the rain,
the mud and chilled earth.
And hope that they too survive coming storms, frost, winds of winter
as we have.